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 The passive voice

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MessageSujet: The passive voice   Mer Avr 09, 2008 2:45 pm

The passive voice is formed by putting the verb to be into the same tense as the active and adding the past participle of the active verb.
Ex: He did the work => the work was done.
The subject of the active voice becomes the agent of the passive voice.
It is not mentioned. If it is mentioned, it is preceded by by and placed at the end of the sentence / clause.
Ex: My grandfather planted this tree => this tree was planted by my grandfather.

Present simple:
The active: V / V + S => the passive: is / are + pp.

we need a personal computer
=> A personal computer is needed.

Stress affects people from different jobs.
=> People from different jobs are affected by stress.

He eats the cake.
=> The cake is eaten.

Simple past.
The active: v+ ed / irregular verbs => the passive: was / were + pp.

Some students broke the window.
=> The window was broken by some students.

She found her cat.
=> Her cat was found.

They didnt feed the chickens.
=> The chickens were not fed.

John visited Morocco last summer.
=> Morocco was visited by John last summer.

Present continuous:
The active: is / are + v + Ing => the passive: is / are + being + pp.

We are waiting for the teacher.
=> The teacher is being waited for.

The doctor is operating on the patient.
=> The patient is being operated on by the doctor.

They are building new schools.
=> New schools are being built.

Past continuous:
The active: was / were + v + ing => the passive: was / were + being + pp.

We were eating the meal.
=> The meal was being eaten.

They were discussing the issue.
=> The issue was being discussed.

Secretaries were typing letters.
=> Letters were being typed by secretaries.

Present perfect:
The active: has / have + v + ed / Irr => the passive: has / have + been + pp.

I have just shut the door.
=> The door has just been shut.

She has hurt her leg in an accident.
=> Her leg has been hurt in an accident.

Some students have answered all the questions.
=> All the questions have been answered by some students.

Past perfect:
The active: had +pp => the passive: had + been + pp.

They had already called Samir.
=> Samir had already been called.

She had consulted a dermatologist.
=> A dermatologist had been consulted.

The police had evacuated the place.
=> The place had been evacuated by the police.

1) - The active: will + v => the passive: will + be + pp.

We will spend our holiday at Imouzer.
=> Our holiday will be spent at Imouzer.

No one will do this lest
=> This lest will not be done.

He will depend on statistics.
=> Statistics will be depended on.

2) - The active: is / are going to + v => the passive: is / are going to be + pp

Im going to buy a car.
=> A car is going to be bought.

The doctor is going to do a blood test.
=> A blood test is going to be done.

They are going to face problems there.
=> Problems are going to be faced there.

Modals may / must / can / could / might / would / should.
The active: May / must + v => the passive: may / must + be + pp

You should see a doctor.
=> A doctor should be seen.

We must respect our parents.
=> Our parents must be respected.

Students may not use the dictionaries in class.
=> The dictionaries may not be used by students I, class.









Ex :
He gave me a pen
=> I was given a pen
They invite her to the party
=> She is invited to the party
Ahmed has called us
=> We have been called by Ahmed
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The passive voice
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